For those of us that feel a library is "the house of healing for the soul"

Biblotherapy considers reading as a way to help facilitate a healing process. I am chosing to share with you some of my reads. Some are academic, bedstand readings, poetry, and just for fun...I like to think the selection is as eclectic as my mind and interests. I hope you enjoy browsing and I will update the 'shleves' as often as I can. Thank you and happy reading - Amy x

The Human Brain Colouring Book
Not a reading book perse, but abslutely essential for anyone who is interested in learning about the structure and function of the brain. For me, this visual and colouring method of learning has been invaluable! As a person with dyslexia I really feel that learning via coloring-by-directions should be promoted more for children and adults alike as an educational modality.
Turner-Cobb Child Health Psychology
I am very lucky to be taught by Professor Turner-Cobb on my Health Psychology MSc. I love her writing as she is able to wonderfully deliver complex information in a way we can easily understand. This book is a must for those who are interested in the health of our children across the lifespan from a biopsychosocial perspective (taking many factors into account!).
McGregor Orthorexia
ORTHOREXIA is a term used to descirbe disordered eating. This type of eating is focused on creating and maintaing diets which one considers "clean", "ideal", "healthy" and can become compulsive in so much that the physical and mental consequences of follwoing it are maladaptive. .
Leslie Howard Pelvic Liberation Cover
Howard explains how certain yoga postures and breathing practices can support female pelvic health. Howard has coined this system 'Pelvic Floor Yoga'. Furthermore, Howard delves in to cultural and historical perspectives that still influence many of us in terms of what we know and believe about pelvic health and its importance to total wellness.
Kanner Pain Management Secrets
Pain is something many live with. Kanner simply defines pain as a whole and how we experience it. Moreover he offers clinical guideance which may be relevant for those dealing with treating pain.
Briden Period Repair Manual
Briden is a naturopathic doctor, so her writings about wome's health come from a holistic perspective. Briden provides interesting examples of a womans 'period experience' and also offers tips on how to speak with your doctor if something is not right.
Chopra & Tanzi The Healing Self
The Healing Self is a wonderful resource which helps readers attain knowledge around our immunity and what we can do to enhance it.
Gordon & Bourushok Mindful yoga based ACT.
A psychologist, social worker, and yoga instructor have written this book which offers a interesting approach to theraputic interventions. The premise of this book is to help professionals support clients in gaining emotional and physical balance. It advocates the notion that true healing requires treating both the body and mind.
Chubb_MacInnes Freeing The Spirit
This book was originally written for prisoners, but is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start a regular daily practice of yoga and meditation. The cartoons are great too!
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Chopra & Tanzi The Healing Self

The Healing Self is a wonderful resource which helps readers attain knowledge around our immunity and what we can do to enhance it.