Below is a list of some questions that may be on your mind. If we've missed anything feel free to contact us here.

I am totally new to yoga, I don’t know where to start?

You are welcome to any class! If you feel you would rather try a one-to-one session just to get a feel for what it is all about that is fine too! Or perhaps you and a friend want to try it out together. It doesn’t matter which, all our classes have different options and we can find what suits you for where you are at that point in time. Just touch base and we can figure out what suits you best.

Do I need to think like a yogi to practice yoga?

You are invited as you are, as you think, as you want. If you can bring a mind that is open and remember to listen to your body with compassion – then great!

How should I dress?

However you want! Just bear in mind that you will be moving around, and you will want to do that in comfort and freely. Bare feet on your mat is generally best, but some like to use the grippy socks. Whatever it is that feels right!

Do I need to bring anything?

Mats and blocks will be provided, but it is very likely that you will want your own. These can be purchased from any yoga store, online and also our online shop. Just pick one that you love – it will become a good friend!

Can I eat or drink before I practice?

Only you know the answer to that! However it has been suggested that light snacks an hour before practice is ok, but anything heavy should be avoided for a bit longer. It is a good idea to make sure you are hydrated (always, not just for yoga practice!) and a good tip…go to the loo before you get comfortable on your mat.

I sometimes can’t be bothered to practice, can I skip my session?

Again, that is a personal choice and it depends on you and what is going on for you. Many say that this is the time when they need their mat the most. So, just go with how you feel, what it is that you need and embrace what comes up for you.

Any top tips?

Come as you are, relax, be kind to yourself and those around you and have fun!