The Eight Elements

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It is what it says on the tin so to speak!  Wellness unites eight elements, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial.


This acts as a value base for our company and is underpinned by the belief that each of the elements are interrelated and therefore equally important in a person’s overall wellbeing.


Our goal. To empower. To be well.

It goes without saying that a person who is empowered by their personal values, goals, and needs, whilst taking responsibility and being accountable for themselves, tend to be happy and well! Living an authentic life does a great deal to promote a sense of wellbeing and value.

A little bit about the eight elements of wellness.

Physical Wellness goes beyond good nutrition and exercise, it is maintaining a healthy body, adopting physical health habits that are appropriate and supportive of the individual's physical body.

Intellectual Wellness is about learning, sharing what you learn and remaining eager to learn more.

Environmental Wellness is born from the sense of security and peace in ones surroundings. This also accounts for our living and work spaces, our vehicles and extends to the environment and surroundings around us.  

Spiritual Wellness involves creating peace and maintain balance whilst feeling valued and having a sense of purpose.

Social Wellness comprises of relationships with family, friends as well as extending out to the community, staying aware and keeping interested in what is best for the planet and what its inhabitants require.

Emotional Wellness is the ability to share feelings, find enjoyment in life, and be able to adapt to emotional difficulties, life challenges and life’s journey.

Occupational Wellness draws on a person’s sense of purpose and meaning. This can be from charitable work, home life and also employment.