The concept of being well and how overall health influences actions, emotions and ultimately wellbeing has been the focus of my professional and personal life for a number of years. The mind-body connection has underpinned my academic career, my work and my way of life. This interest is what focused my pursuit within both the psychological and physiological aspects of health and wellbeing.  This online platform for Elements of Wellness has been created to share information and the services on offer which can support people in experiencing life which is healthy to your mind, body and soul.

A little bit about me…


I was born to English and Turkish parents and raised predominately in England; although also schooled in Turkey and South Africa. I have since settled in the South Coast of England with my husband and children. Our rescued pets are a big part of our life.


My academic career started with a bachelor’s degree training as a mental health nurse, and continued in counselling psychology. I am currently studying my Masters in Health Psychology.  Over the last five years my training, studies and research in mental health and psychology has enabled me to work closely with individuals in healthcare settings and the community as well as conducting special projects on wellbeing and mind-body awareness.  This knowledge underpins the philosophy of Elements of Wellness from the viewpoint that fusing physical, mental and soulfulness supports total wellbeing. Moreover, my studies in yoga and mindful movement has helped me bridge the gap between physical and mental health. This specialism has helped me create the Elemental Movement Method that taps in to our intuition, whilst creating awareness of what is going on for us on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Taking a holistic approach to health from a physical, mental and soulful perspective supports a person’s total wellbeing. Therefore, I have completed qualifications in nutritional advice, personal training , yoga and exercise instructing to further expand my offerings to support people with their overall wellbeing.

The psychology behind health, particularly stress management via meditation, mindfulness and movement is ultimately why I trained in these disciplines. It is also why I teach yoga-based movement and mental exercises from a psychological approach. I teach workshops and classes in all aspects of health and wellness. A particular focus of mine is implementating health and wellness programmes in the corporate environment to ensure that employees feel they can deliver their best. I apply my values of kindness, patience, honesty and professionalism in all areas of my life and work.


In my spare time, I love nothing more than to walk along the beach or forest, get in the garden, enjoy time with my family and friends, experiment with food and travel to new places.

Please use my direct email below if you if you wish to arrange an appointment or touch base.




  • ​Psychology BSc (Counselling) First-Class Honours

  • Cert HE Health Care Studies inc year of clinical placements mental health nursing

  • Registered yoga teacher

  • Premier qualified personal trainer

  • Premier qualified exercise instructor

  • VTCT qualified cosmetologi

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Weight loss specialist Cert

  • First Aider

  • Certified by the chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMPSA) as a practitioner of exercise and fitness

  • FitPro insured