It’s my birthday!

So where else would I wish to be other than sat in our spare bedroom/office/yoga cave…

...I am writing to you from this very spot. Feeling happy that I am alive and healthy!

I hope wherever you are, you feel good and are happy too!

I know birthdays are often about giving gifts...and it can be lovely to give and also to receive. I have been very lucky today to have had some beautiful messages, cards and gifts which have very much warmed my heart.

I would like to gift something to celebrate my birthday.
A yoga practice with you and me ‘one-to-one’.

Just a way to celebrate my life and yours too! I can’t think of a better thing to do to celebrate

(I wouldn’t have said that a few years ago!)

If this is something you wish to do please comment your name in the comments section below and the randomly selected yogi-partygoer will be announced on Monday 10th September!


Just so you know - this will be a gifted 60 minute one-to-one class where I will guide you through a yoga practice and will join in with you.

Location - to be agreed and confirmed.

Date - to be agreed and confirmed.


I am looking forward to celebrating another year alive with you!


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