When Wellness Meets Skincare

I am sooooo excited to share this 'skintastic' news with you!
I have collaborated with the wonderful RAW PASSION to offer an amazing skin care kit, which minimises waste, maximises product usage and nourishes the skin naturally.
I hold qualifications in Skincare, Healthcare, Functional Physical Movement, Yoga and am finishing my final year at univeristy studying Counselling Psychology. I believe that being well is a human right and appreciate wellness can be difficult to attain for a myriad of reasons. As a mother (to two teenage women),a wife, a business owner, researcher and homemaker, I am grimly aware of the pressure women (and also men) are under to remain forever young, do it all and keep ourselves and everyone else well and thriving.
Firstly, it is ok to grow old! Well, actually it is more than OK! It is a gift! We need to remind eachother of this and make it normal and ok! It is abnormal not to age, I don't know why we give anti-aging so much credence. Sure we want to keep ourselves hydrated, supple and free from illness, but let's try and treat our wrinkles with a bit more compassion - nurture them!
Grey hairs and wrinkles are a gift we will be lucky to experience...we ought to invest in items and practices that support that!
We should all think about that next time we feel compelled to buy an ointment or invest in a procedure that promises to prevent us from aging.

Now, let me tell you about why I have teamed up with RAW PASSION.

The Collaboration

What We Accept As True

The benefits of selfcare are proven to alleviate stress, help calm, support sleep and improve mood. I wanted to collaborate with a brand that had the desire and expertise to offer a range of products specifically designed to support the body and mind.

I believe that chakras can pin-point the energy centres of the body. (before you log off - bear with!). This philosophy dates back many thousands of years and has underpinned much science and medical traditions even today. These views uphold that nourishing ourselves and our environments leads to a sense of balance.

Viola and I share the same value of nourishment; I look at ways we can nourish our mind and body, through movement and behaviours, and through the work of RAW PASSION; Viola’s expertise creates beautiful skincare to do just the same.

Seasonal Chakra Survival Vitality Bundle

The main reason why we have developed a seasonal skincare survival and vitality bundle is due to the relationship with a person’s wellness and seasonal patterns. When we look at the changing seasons we are being mindful of our environment and considering ourselves as part of it. We accept that the seasons change, and we understand that we also change with them, Viola has created a range of products that embraced the energy meridians in the body as well as the seasons throughout the year.

Viola’s promise of natural, organic products should be carefully considered when making your next skincare purchases, “hand-made in West Sussex, I am dedicated to creating affordable, ethical skin products that promote inner and outer balance. Specialising in 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free Skin Food, my philosophy is that it’s up to us to nourish and protect our skin using the most natural ingredients available”.

When you invest in a Seasonal chakra survival and vitality bundle you will embark on a journey of self-nourishment.

We will share super simple skincare routines and yoga postures that will support your seasonal routine leaving you feeling cared for and revitalised.

For more infomration of the Autumn skincare bundle pleases visit https://www.rawpassion.co.uk/product/autumn-chakra-survival-vitality-bundle/

In the meantime, here is my super simple skincare routine!

and one of my favourite yoga asana's for Autumn...

I would love to hear about how you look after your skin and how you think we can all help eachother to be more at one with this thing called life....

With my very warmest wishes to you,

Amy x


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